Mississippi Initiative Filed to Legalize Cannabis for Everyone 18+

missiAn initiative to legalize recreational cannabis for everyone 18 and older has been filed in Mississippi.

According to an official summary of the measure, Initiative Measure 52 “would amend the Mississippi Constitution to include the Mississippi Cannabis Freedom Act (‘the Act’). The Act legalizes cannabis for persons eighteen years of age and older, legalizes cannabis for medical purposes, authorizes the collection of taxes on cannabis, and includes various other definitions and mechanisms for implementation of the Act. For purposes of this measure, ‘cannabis’ means hemp, weed, herd, marijuana, grass, wax, concentrate extract, and hashish.”

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Mississippians Push to Legalize Cannabis and Demand Forgiveness

By Kelly Jacobs, Team Legalize

The Mississippimississippi Secretary of State just approved ballot initiative #48 on 12/29/14 which gave Mississippians one year to collect approximately 110K signatures on our petitions from registered voters who want to vote to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol and pardon non-violent cannabis offenders.

The Mississippi Attorney General wrote this description for the ballot summary: Initiative Measure No. 48 would legalize the use, cultivation, sale of cannabis and industrial hemp. Cannabis related crimes would be punished in a manner similar to, or to a lesser degree, than alcohol related crimes. Cannabis sales would be taxed 7%. Cannabis sold for medical purposes and industrial hemp would be exempt from taxation. The Governor would be required to pardon persons convicted of non violent cannabis crimes against the State of Mississippi.

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Initiative to Legalize Recreational Cannabis Filed in Mississippi

The group Mississippi for Cannabis has filed an initiative with the Mississippimississippi Secretary of State in hopes of putting the legalization of cannabis to a vote of the people in the 2016 presidential election.

“Now we are waiting for official approval from the Mississippi Secretary of State, and the Attorney General which will include a ballot initiative number and the official format for the collection of signatures,” says Kelly Jacobs with Mississippi for Cannabis.

If the Secretary of State’s Office and Attorney General’s Office does approve the petition, the group will have a year to collect approximately 110,000 signatures from registered Mississippi voters in order to put the initiative to a vote in November, 2016.

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