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United States House and Senate to Vote on Legalizing Hemp Research Tomorrow

By Shadee Ashtari, HuffingtonPost.com  A provision in the new $1.1 trillion farm bill, finalized by Congress Monday, legalizes the production of industrial hemp for research purposes and is set to move forward, pending a House and Senate vote expected Wednesday. The bill, which would allow universities and state agriculture departments to legally grow industrial hemp in states that permit it, …

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Federal Bill Introduced To Restore Second Amendment Rights To Medical Cannabis Patients

By NORML Last Friday, Colorado Congressman Jared Polis (D) introduced HR 3483, Protecting Individual Liberties and States’ Rights Act. The legislation was introduced in the wake of a federal memo to licensed gun dealers circulated nationwide last year warning them not to sell guns or ammunition to customers who legally use medical cannabis with their physician’s …

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