Irang Hangs At Least 14 More on Nonviolent Drug Charges

According to Iran Human Rights, at least 14 prisoners were reportedly hanged last week at Karaj Central Prison on nonviolent drug related charges.

Iran Human Rights has obtained the names of ten of these prisoners:

  • Mohammad Soleimani
  • Ali Ebadi
  • Ali Reza Moradi
  • Majid Badarloo
  • Omid Garshasebi
  • Ali Yousefi
  • Seyed Ali Sorouri
  • Ebrahim Jafari
  • Ali Mohammad Lorestani and also
  • Mohsen Jelokhani.

Reportedly 12 of the 14 prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement on the morning of January 8th in preparation for their executions. According to a family member of one of the executed prisoners, two women were also among these prisoners. They were reportedly transferred from Gharchak Prison to Karaj Central Prison; their names are currently unknown.

Iran has a disgusting history of giving the death penalty for nonviolent drug related charges, including charges revolting solely around cannabis. Although some in the international community have condemned the actions by stating their opposition, that’s the furthest the condemnation has gone.

93% of Executions in Iran are Drug-Related

A map of Iran.
A map of Iran.

At least 93% of all government-sanctioned executions that take place in Iran are for illegal drugs, according to Mohammad Javad Larijana, the secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council.

Larijani’s comments were made in response to a United Nations report criticizing Iran’s frequent use of capital punishment; in other words, Iran is arguing that the high number of executions are acceptable because they’re killing people over drugs.

This should serve as a somber example of the mindset this nation – and many parts of the world – is in when it comes to illegal substances.

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