Tag: International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Study: Cannabigerol May Treat Neuroinflammation and Oxidative Stress

According to a new study published by the¬†International Journal of Molecular Sciences, the cannabis compound cannabigerol “may be a potential treatment against neuroinflammation and oxidative stress.” “Inflammation and oxidative stress play main roles in neurodegeneration”, states the study’s abstract. “Interestingly, different natural compounds may be able to exert neuroprotective actions against inflammation and oxidative stress, …

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Study: Cannabis Appear Effective in Treating Vocal Tics in those with Tourette Syndrome

Regular administration of cannabis-based medicines is directly associated with improved¬† speech in patients with Tourette Syndrome, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. For the study, researchers from Hannover Medical School (Germany) “report the cases of two young German male patients with treatment-resistant Tourette syndrome (TS), who suffer from …

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