Study: Cannabinoids May Help Treat Gut Inflammation

There’s “abundant preclinical literature demonstrating the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoid drugs in inflammation of the gut”, according to a new study published by the journal Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

For the study, researchers “systematically reviewed publications on the benefit of drugs targeting the endo-cannabinoid system in intestinal inflammation.” They “collated studies examining outcomes for meta-analysis from EMBASE, MEDLINE and Pubmed until March 2017. Quality was assessed according to mSTAIR and SRYCLE score.”

For the study, “51 publications examining the effect of cannabinoid compounds on murine colitis and 2 clinical studies were identified. Twenty-four compounds were assessed across 71 endpoints. Cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid, was the most investigated drug.”

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Colorado Officials Recommend $7.5 Million Worth of Cannabis Studies

Colorado herofficials have recommended that the state fund eight different studies on the benefits of medical cannabis, including two for childhood epilepsy, two for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), one for inflammatory bowel disease and one for pediatric brain tumors. Officials recommend that $7.5 million be put into these eight studies.

The studies would be paid for by a surplus of money brought in from medical cannabis registration fees. The grants still need final approval by the state Board of Health, which is expected to vote on the proposal next month.

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