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Oregon’s Largest Newspaper Comes Out in Support of Legalization Measure

Yesterday The Oregonian, the largest media outlet in Oregon, called on lawmakers to support House Bill 3371, a measure which would legalize marijuana for adults. The bill recently passed out of its initial committee, the House Judiciary Committee, with a a vote of 6-3. According to the editorial, “Many Oregonians believe legalization is on the …

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Oregon On Track to be Next State to Legalize Marijuana

Judging by the current situation, Oregon may very well end up as the next state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for adults. Just yesterday, to the surprise of many in the political world, Oregon’s House Judiciary Committee approved a measure that would legalize the home-cultivation, possession and retail sale of cannabis throughout the state. …

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Oregon House Judiciary Committee Approves Measure to Legalize Marijuana

Today Oregon’s House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing to discuss House Bill 3371, and approved the measure with a 6-3 vote, sending it to House Revenue Committee. The measure, titled the Control, Regulation and Taxation of Cannabis Act, would legalize the personal cultivation of up to 6 plants, and the personal possession of up to …

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