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New Hampshire Committee Approves Bill to Protect Medical Marijuana Patients’ Data From Federal Agencies

Legislation to protect medical marijuana patients from the release of information to federal agencies has been passed by New Hampshire’s House Judiciary Committee. The committee voted 13 to 5 to pass the tripartisan measure (House Bill 1672) which was introduced by Representative Caleb Dyer (L), and is cosponsored by Representatives Dan Hynes (R), Timothy Josephson (D), James …

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Tripartisan New Hampshire Bill Would Protect Medical Cannabis Patients From Having Info Given to Feds

New legislation filed in New Hampshire would protect medical cannabis patients from having their information handed over to the federal government. House Bill 1672, filed by Representative Caleb Dyer (L) with a tripartisan group of lawmakers, “requires a search warrant issued by a judge based upon probable cause for any federal request for information relative to users of …

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