Kentucky Approves Over 12,000 Acres of Hemp for 2018

Kentucky officials have approved the cultivation of over 12,000 acres of hemp for 2018.

In total the Kentucky Department of Agriculture approved 12,018 acres of industrial hemp for the year. The hemp will be used for research purposes.

The over 12,000 acres will be grown by 225 approved farmers. The number is up from the 209 farmers approved last year.

Of the 225 farmers, 185 stated that their focus will be research on floral material. 103 said their primary focus will be grain or seed research, and 66 said fiber research.

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Pennsylvania Senate Unanimously Passes Hemp Bill

hempfieldThe Pennsylvania Senate on Wednesday voted to pass a bill that would establish a statewide cultivation pilot program for industrial hemp. The vote was unanimous, 49 to 0.

Senate Bill 50 would create the Industrial Hemp Licensing Board – which would be a subsection of the state’s Department of Agriculture – to handle licensing those interested in growing the crop. The measure would permit universities in the state to legally cultivate and produce hemp as part of a research program which wll be formulated to meet federal guidelines (according to federal law hemp cultivation is illegal, unless for research purposes).

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Recreational Cannabis Now Legal in Oregon, Unlimited Hemp Cultivation Now Legal in Connecticut

marijuana plant 400With the clocks striking midnight, July 1st is now upon us and laws legalizing cannabis and hemp have taken effect in Oregon and Connecticut.

In Oregon, it is now entirely legal for anyone 21 and older to possess up to half a pound of cannabis at a private residence, or up to an ounce of cannabis in public. They’re also allowed to cultivate up to four plants for personal use. This is due to portions of Measure 91, approved by voters last year, taking effect.

In Connecticut, thanks to House Bill 5780, it’s now legal to cultivate an unlimited amount of hemp without first receiving a license from the state. Under the new law, hemp, which is defined as having no more than 1% THC, is treated like other agricultural products such as tomatoes.

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Hemp Cultivation Now Legal in Tennessee

The cultivation of industrial hemp is now legal in Tennessee, thanks to House Bill 2445 officially becoming law yesterday,hemptennessee July 1st. Under the new law, individuals in Tennessee will be allowed to legally grow hemp, given it has 0.3% THC or less, and they register with the state’s Department of Agriculture.

David Waddell, Administrative Manager for the Department of Agriculture’s Consumer and Industries Services Division, tells us that the Department has yet to finalize the registration process, meaning that people can’t yet apply to become a licensed hemp cultivator. However, Waddell says; “Our goal is to have everything in place by the first of the year, so everyone has time to get their crop in next year.”

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Texas Republican Party Adds Hemp Cultivation to Party Platform

The Texas Republican Party has voted to add the legalization of hemp cultivation as an official party platformhemp.

The platform was approved after the party heard testimony from both sides of the issue at the 2014 Texas GOP Convention. Although the GOP’s Temporary Platform Committee voted in favor of an amendment also making the legalization of medical cannabis an official party platform, it unfortunately was voted down by the Permanent Platform Committee, which did, however, approve the platform of legalizing hemp.

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New Bill Filed in Nebraska to Legalize Hemp

Nebraska State Senator Norman Wallman has introduced a new measure, Legislative Bill 1hemp-harvest001, that would effectively legalize the cultivation and sales of hemp by removing it from the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, where it currently resides as a Schedule 1 drug, classified along with the rest of the cannabis plant. The measure has been referred to the Judiciary Committee of the Nebraska State Legislature, and, having already received its first hearing, awaits receival of a vote.

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Colorado Department of Agriculture Adopts Rules for Legal Hemp Production

The Colorado Department of Agriculture announced late this week that it has officially adopted the state’s first-ever rules and regulations for industrial hemphemphemp, following the state’s recent legalization of hemp production.

The new rules, which are in immediate effect, allows hemp producers to begin registering with the Department’s industrial hemp program beginning March 1st.

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Kentucky to Move Forward With Legal Hemp Production

The Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission voted today to approve a plan by the state’s Agriculture Department to soon begin issuing hemp licenses, with hemp farming to begin next year. This mohemp111ve is possible due to the passage of Senate Bill 50 earlier this year which legalized hemp in the state, with it taking effect being contingent on a change in federal law. With the recent announcement from the Obama Administration that they won’t go after states which have legalized cannabis, the state is considering that to be enough of a change.

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