How to Grow Huge Marijuana Buds

By Robert Bergman,

If you really want to maximize the outcome of your harvest, you are going to need to figure out a few things. You’ll need to be able to identify the type of marijuana plants you are growing, and then know exactly where and how to increase growth.

The bud of a marijuana plant is the prized appendage that appears after a plant enters the flowering stage of its life cycle. The leaves of the marijuana plant contain THC, but the buds of female plants are the most potent product by far. So as an individual grower, it’s important to focus a significant amount of attention on the buds of your crop.

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New Bill Filed in Nebraska to Legalize Hemp

Nebraska State Senator Norman Wallman has introduced a new measure, Legislative Bill 1hemp-harvest001, that would effectively legalize the cultivation and sales of hemp by removing it from the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, where it currently resides as a Schedule 1 drug, classified along with the rest of the cannabis plant. The measure has been referred to the Judiciary Committee of the Nebraska State Legislature, and, having already received its first hearing, awaits receival of a vote.

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University of Colorado Begins Mapping Cannabis Genome

With cannabis recently legalized in parts of the country, scientists who have been sitting on their hands for years can now study the plant in its natural form – scientists like those at the University of Colorado canchemBoulder, who have announced the launch of the Cannabis Genome Research Initiative. The goal of the eighteen-month endeavor is to map the DNA makeup of cannabis, and to provide more knowledge about the plant’s history.

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New Poll: Support for Cannabis Legalization Continues to Grow in Colorado

A new poll released today from Quinnipiac University has found that Coloradans continue to support legalization – and that support is only growing.stock4

The poll surveyed 1,139 registers Colorado voters, and found that a majority of respondents were generally in favor of cannabis legalization, and specifically Amendment 64 (A64 was the constitutional amendment passed in 2012 that legalized recreational cannabis in the State of Colorado). Of those surveyed, 58% said they support the legalization of cannabis – up from 54% when Quinnipiac conducted a survey asking the same question in August of last year.

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How To Identify And Prevent Bud Rot On Marijuana Plants

By Robert Bergman, ILoveGrowingMarijuana.Com

Bud rot is the worst nightmare for marijuana growers. It’s hard to prevent or identify and it will ruin your whole cannabis crop. Bud rot develops on the inside of the buds and spreads very quickbudrot. Even when your marijuana is drying, this mold will stay active so make sure you’re well prepared for this nasty fungus.

1. Prevention is better than cure

Bud rot, also known as botrytis cinerea or grey mold, thrives best when air is very humid and temperatures are low. It develops in the last phase of the flowering period, when air humidity should be between 30% and 40%. The problem is that humidity will increase as you water your marijuana plants.

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