The 10 Most Popular Marijuana Strains to Start 2018

As we march into 2018, here’s a look at the most popular marijuana strains on the  market.

In the U.S. marijuana is now legal in eight states for recreational use, and dozens for medical purposes. Using data collected by Leafly, below is a list of the top 10 most popular marijuana strains for the start of 2018.

Anyone who has consumed cannabis for any amount of time will likely find Blue Dream’s placement on this list unsurprising (especially those in states with legal marijuana stores). This sativa-dominant strain has remained one of the most popular for years, and is a mainstay in almost all marijuana stores and dispensaries. The popularity of this strain – a cross between the indica-dominant Blueberry strain and the sativa-dominant Haze strain – is well earned, with it’s smooth, uplifting high, and it’s delicious blueberry-tinged taste and smell.

Sour Diesel is another long-term mainstay of the cannabis world. With Super Skunk and Chemdawg lineage, this strain is best known for its strong diesel-like smell, and potent, energetic high.

This hybrid – a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison – has bursted onto the scene in recent years. With it’s excellent taste and smell, and its powerful high, this relative newcomer has quickly become more popular than legendary strains like OG Kush and White Widow.

Despite an unfortunate name Green Crack is a growingly popular and respected strain. It has an extremely energetic high and powerful body buzz, and its sweet, ofttimes citrusy flavor and smell make it stand out from the crowd.

OG Kush is known the world around. The classic combo of Hindu Kush and Chemdawg has an earthy and piney flavor, and has one of the most sought after marijuana strains for years.

As far as indica-dominant strains go, Granddaddy Purple is one of the most vaunted. An excellent mix of Big Bud and Purple Urkle, this strain has a sweet, often berry-like flavor. Most people know this strain for its dense, kiefy nuggets.

Jack Herer – named after the legendary activist and author – is a sativa-dominant cross between Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk. It has a piney smell and flavor with a backdrop of citrus, and a smooth, even high.

White Widow’s popularity is due to its energetic, uplifting and powerful high; its uniquely earthy flavor and smell also help it stand out. This strain is a mix between South American Sativa and South Indian Indica.

Gorilla Glue #4 has shot into prominence over the past few years. It won the 2014 Los Angeles and Michigan Cannabis Cups, as well as the High Times Jamaican Cannabis World Cup. Given its status as a balanced and tasty hybrid, it’s likely to remain popular for years to come.

Bubba Kush is a powerful indica-dominant strain that has remained popular for years, and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Top 10 Sativa Marijuana Strains of 2017 (So Far)

Here are the 10 most popular sativa-dominant marijuana strains so far in 2017.

sativa marijuana strains
Super Silver Haze.

Recently we listed the top 10 marijuana strains so far in 2017. Now, we will be more specific by breaking down the top sativa-dominant strains.

Sativa marijuana strains have gained massive popularity in recent years; this popularity continues to grow as more people begin to understand the differences between sativa, indica and hybrid strains. Given that sativa strains are often great for daytime use, and great for a high without drowsiness, their popularity makes perfect sense. However, not all sativas are created equally, and here we list some of the best.

Without further ado, below are the top 10 most popular sativa marijuana strains so far this year (using data from Leafly):

Sour Diesel earns its place at the top with a unique and enjoyable taste, and a high that exemplifies why sativas are so loved: its heady with a nice, uplifting body buzz, and it accomplishes this without making you drowsy. It’s pretty much always an excellent choice.

With its sweet, citrus-like flavor and smell, and balanced high, Green Crack has shot into prominent in recent years. Many in the cannabis community, for good reason, are opposed to its name and believe that it does the marijuana movement no favors, but if you can look past that what you’ll find is an enjoyable smoke with an even, smooth high.

Jack Here, for good reason, is about as legendary a sativa strain as there is. Its prominence over the past couple decades haven’t prevented it from remaining popular to this day; even as legal cannabis takes hold across the country. Jack Herer is an excellent cross between Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk; this results in piney flavor and smell that’s a complete joy to consume.

Durban Poison, which has African Sativa lineage, has gained worldwide notoriety for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting high. As with many strains on this list, Durban Poison is perfect for daytime use or wake-and-bake sessions, making it a go-to strain for regular cannabis consumers.

According to Leafly: “Lemon Haze has been characterized as smelling of fresh peeled lemon slices with a similar taste. Its buds appear to be green and yellow with amber hairs on the trichomes, giving it the yellow tint. This strain’s THC has been measured at about 15-20% with a CBD of 0.38%.”

When Super Silver Haze debuted in the late 90s, it burst onto the cannabis scene; it was a first-place winner at each of the first three High Times Cannabis Cups in 97, 98 and 99. It has remained a well-loved and much-coveted marijuana strain ever since.

This sativa-dominant strain is a mix of Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze; all three much-respected strains in their own rights. This results in a sweet, earthy flavor and smell.

Strawberry Cough earns its name with a taste of sweet strawberries, with a backdrop of pine. This potent sativa-dominant strain has remained popular for years, even though its exact lineage is a bit of a mystery.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck. (Photo:

ATF is known for its dense, kiefy nuggets. It’s also know for its relaxing and euphoric high. The headiness of this strain makes it more potent than many other sativa strains, but it’s uplifting enough to remain a solid daytime option.

Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid; it’s a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze which has is a two time Cannabis Cup winner. As the name implies, the taste and smell is that of sweet lemons.

Maui Wowie, with its sweet, tropical flavor, has become known for its pleasant and smooth high. Excellent for relieving stress, this strain is far from the most potent sativa around, but is a joy to consume regardless.


Green Crack Extreme Marijuana Strain Overview

Green Crack Extreme, as the same implies, is a more potent version of the widely popular Green Crack strain.

Look at that frostiness! (Photo:

Green Crack Extreme is a powerful sativa-dominant strain that has a similar high to Green Crack, but with a considerably stronger buzzing that permeates throughout the body. Despite its strength, this is an energetic and uplifting strain that makes an awesome and powerful wake-and-bake strain. The taste and smell is sweet and earthy; at times it smells like a mix of wild flowers was coated in sugar.

This strain is excellent for treating pain, depression and stress, among many other ailments.

Smell and taste:

  • Sweet flowers
  • Herbs



At the time of publication Green Crack Extreme has 49 reviews on Leafly with an average score of 4.5 out of 5.

Highlighted quote (from one of the Leafly reviews):

“Compared to her sister the original green crack, this batch really kicks your ass. The sweet candy-like aroma with bright green crystal filled leaves, and a bud that is dense as a rock.”


Where to find it

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, Leafly has a strain finder that can use your exact location to find the closet cannabis store or dispensary to you that is currently carrying then Green Crack Extreme marijuana strain; you can also look for a variety of other strains.

Click here for this strain finder.


Green Candy Marijuana Strain Overview

Green Candy is a sativa-dominant hybrid that smells and tastes great, and has a smooth uplifting high.

green candyAs its name implies, Green Candy is a mix between Green Crack and Candy Kush, two excellent strains in their own right. The combo is a worthy sativa that delivers a smooth, well-balanced high and an enjoyable taste and smell. The smell is pleasant enough that even those who typically dislike the smell of marijuana will likely find it pleasing; it smells of sweet pine, which is quite enjoyable.

Smell and taste:

  • Sugar
  • Pine



Green Candy currently has 82 reviews on Leafly with an average score of 4.3 out of 5.

Highlighted quote (from one of the Leafly reviews):

“A very good Sativa effect. I was impressed with the taste and longevity of the effects. Was medicated for hours feeling very uplifted and happy. Took care of my anxiety and I had no problems doing day to day activities. Overall very good strain, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.”


Where to find it

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, Leafly has a strain finder that can use your exact location to find the closet cannabis store or dispensary to you that is currently carrying then Green Candy marijuana strain; you can also look for a variety of other strains.

Click here for this strain finder.


Green Queen Marijuana Strain Overview

Green Queen is a mix between Green Crack and Space Queen. If you’re familiar with those strains, that’s enough information to entice you.

green queen
(Photo: THC Finder)

Green Queen is an almost 50/50 hyrbid; a Jack-of-all-trades type strains that mixes the best of the indica and sativa worlds into a smooth, elegant high that works well for almost all situations. The indica head high allows it to be a great strain for relaxation or even getting some sleep, but the uplifting body high of the strain’s sativa half allow for it to work great as a Sunday afternoon, going for a walk or just chilling with friends type of strain.

Green Queen has a lovely taste and smell that will become an immediate favorite of those who like strains with a strong skunk flavor. Green Queen gracefully tames the skunk with a just-bolder-than-subtle sweet citrus taste.

Typically Green Queen nuggets are a beautiful green with bright orange pistils, making it a strain that looks almost as it as it smokes.


Smell and taste:

  • Strong skunk
  • Sweet citrus



Green Queen currently has 123 reviews on Leafly with an average score of 4.2 out of 5.

Highlighted quote (from one of the Leafly reviews):


“The high is very floaty and relaxing, probably from the space queen, yet very euphoric and happy from the green crack. You can definitely tell its a hybrid, though I would say it’s more of a head high than a body high.”


Where to find it

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, Leafly has a strain finder that can use your exact location to find the closet cannabis store or dispensary to you that is currently carrying the Green Queen marijuana strain; you can also look for a variety of other strains.

Click here for this strain finder.


Green Crack Marijuana Strain Overview

Despite an unfortunate name that doesn’t do the cannabis movement any justice; Green Crack is one of the most popular and well-liked sativa strains out there.

green crackGreen Crack is known for its energetic and also uplifting high; in fact, it’s widely considered one of the most energetic sativa strains available. Its sweet, ofttimes citrusy flavor also make it a complete joy to consume.

Green Crack is said to have descended from Skunk #1. Although it’s most often a sativa-dominant strain, there are some lineages of the strain that can be indica-dominant.

The top effects of the Green Crack marijuana strain are:

  • Energy
  • A strong “head high” that is perfect for wake-and-bake sessions
  • Happiness
  • Focus and also
  • Creativity


Medical properties:

Some of the top medical ailments it helps with are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Pain and also
  • Lack of appetite


Growing information:

Green Crack is a relatively easy strain to grow and has a typically medium yield.

Below are a few growing tips specific to this strain courtesy of Leafly:

  • Best results with excellent air circulation
  • Clearing lower branches can improve circulation and air flow
  • Grows best in temperatures between 70 to 80°F (21 to 27°C) and at 50% humidity


Where to find it

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal for medical and/or recreational purposes, we suggest you check out Leafly’s strain finder; this uses your location to find the closet cannabis store/dispensary to you that is currently carrying the Green Crack marijuana strain. Click here for the strain finder.