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Virginia Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Pharmacy Distribution of CBD and THC-A Oil

Legislation legalizing the production and distribution of CBD and THC-A oil has been signed by Governor Terry McAuliffe. Senate Bill 1027 was signed into law by Governor McAuliffe on Thursday. His signatures comes after a unanimous vote in the state’s Senate and House of Representatives (137 to 0). Senate Bill 1027 “Authorizes a pharmaceutical processor, …

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Virginia Governor Signs Hemp Legalization Bills Into Law

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has signed into law legislation to legalize the production and cultivation of industrial hemp. House Bill 1277 and Senate Bill 955 would redefine hemp as an agricultural commodity and allow for the plant’s cultivation by licensed growers as part of a university-managed research program. “Hemp is good for agriculture, it is …

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Virginia Legislature Approves Bill to Legalize Medical Use of Cannabis Extracts

CBD Tincture

Virginia’s Legislature has given approval to House Bill 1445, a proposal that legalizes the use of cannabis extracts (such as oils and tinctures) for the treatment of epilepsy. The measure was approved unanimously by the state’s House of Representatives, and 37 to 1 by the state’s Senate. The proposal will now go to Governor Terry …

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Hemp Legalization Bill Approved by Virginia Legislature, Sent to Governor

Legislation to legalize hemp cultivation has been approved by Virginia’s full Legislature, and has been sent to Governor Terry McAuliffe for consideration. “I am thrilled with the progress this bill has made and the support it gained since its beginnings eight months ago,” says Delegate Joseph Yost, the bill’s primary sponsor. “Hemp is good for …

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Bill to Allow the Medical Use of Cannabis Oil Passes Virginia Senate with 37 to 1 Vote

With a 37 to 1 vote, Senate Bill 1235 was passed today by Virginia’s Senate. The proposal would allow for the use of of high-CBD and high-THCA cannabis oil for those with epilepsy who receive a recommendation from a physician. Specifically, Senate Bill 1235 would allow those with epilepsy who receive a recommendation from a …

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