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Illinois Governor Signs Hemp Research Bill Into Law

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has signed House Bill 5085 into law, a proposal to allow universities and the state’s Department of Agriculture to study industrial hemp. The bill was passed unanimously in the state’s Senate in May, and was approved by the House shortly after with an 81 to 34 vote. Under the new law, …

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Illinois Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Medical Cannabis for Children and Adults with Epilepsy

A proposal that legalizes medical cannabis for those with epilepsy – including minors – has been signed into law by Illinois Governor Pay Quinn. The measure, Senate Bill 2636, allows those with epilepsy to possess and consume cannabis, as well as purchase it from dispensaries, if they receive a recommendation from a physician. Last year Illinois …

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Illinois House of Representatives Passes Measure to Legalize Hemp Research

Illinois’s House of Representatives have voted 70 to 28 in favor of House Bill 5085, a proposal to legalize hemp cultivation for research purposes. The measure has been assigned to the Senate Agriculture and Conservation Committee; if approved through this committee, and then by the full Senate, it will go to Governor Pat Quinn for consideration. Under …

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