Report: Marijuana “Gateway Drug” Theory is a Fallacy

The theory that marijuana is a “gateway drug”, meaning it leads to the use of harder drugs, is a fallacy, according to a new report.

The report, conducted by the Benjamin Center for Public Policy Initiatives at SUNY New Paltz, explicitly rejects allegations that marijuana makes people susceptible to the use of other illicit substances, or that a causal link exists between marijuana use and drugs such as heroin.

“There is compelling and enduring evidence that marijuana is not a gateway drug,” states the report. “Yet, non-evidence-based political factors on both the left and the right remain the reason for the persistence of the gateway myth.”

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Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Announces Support for Decriminalizing Cannabis

Jeb BushIn a move that will likely come as a surprise to many, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, brother of former President George W. Bush, has announced that he supports decriminalizing cannabis.

“It’s one thing to say we should have decriminalization of marijuana. I support that,” Bush said in an interview on WBZ NewsRadio. This marks the first time the former Florida Governor has endorsed a move to end incarceration for cannabis.

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New Study Counters Cannabis “Gateway” Theory

By Dennis Thompson, HealthDay

Marijuana may not be the “gateway drug” some womn-smoking-marijuana-jointbelieve it to be, a new study contends.

Instead, teens smoke pot for very specific reasons, and it is those reasons that appear to prompt their decision to try other drugs, researchers report.

For example, kids who use marijuana because they are bored are more likely to also use cocaine, while kids using pot to achieve insight or understanding are more likely to try magic mushrooms, according to findings published recently in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

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