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California Bill Would Automatically Expunge Past Marijuana Convictions

California Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) has introduced legislation that would require county courts to automatically expunge the records of those who have been charged with a marijuana-related crime that’s since been legalized, reports Kathleen Ronayne of the Associated Press. In 2016 California voters approved the ability to wipe criminal marijuana conviction records as a provision in …

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Vermont Governor Signs Bill Allowing Expungement of Cannabis Offenses

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin (D) has signed Senate Bill 115 into law, allowing those convicted of possessing up to an ounce of cannabis prior to 2013 to have the charge removed from their record. The bill, sponsored by Senator Joe Benning (R-Lyndonville), allows Vermont residents who were convicted of crimes that are “no longer prohibited by law …

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Jamaica Will Soon Decriminalize Cannabis Possession

Jamaica will soon decriminalize the personal possession of cannabis, and will also allow possession for medical, religious and scientific purposes, according to an announcement made today by Justice Minister Mark Golding. According to the announcement, the cabinet is supporting a soon-to-be-released proposal to decriminalize the possession of up to two ounces of cannabis, making it a simple fine rather …

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