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Study: Cannabis Could Represent an Effective and Well-Tolerated Treatment for Epileptic Seizures

According to a new study published by Epilepsia Open, “cannabis could actually represent an effective, well-tolerated antiepileptic drug”. “Cannabidivarin (CBDV) and cannabidiol (CBD) have recently emerged among¬†cannabinoids¬†for their potential antiepileptic properties, as shown in several animal models”, states the study’s abstract. “We report the case of a patient affected by symptomatic partial epilepsy who used …

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Hawaii: Proposal to Expand Medical Marijuana Law Passed by Two Senate Committees on Same Day

Legislation that would expand Hawaii’s medical marijuana law was passed by two Senate committees today, sending it towards a vote by the full Senate. House Bill 1488 was passed unanimously today by both the Senate Judicial Law Committee, and the Senate Ways and Means Committee. The votes come roughly a week after the measure – …

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Study: 90% of Adults Who Use Marijuana to Treat Epilepsy Find Success

According to a new Australian study published by the journal Epilepsy Behavior, and published online by the U.S. National Institute of Health, a vast majority of those who use marijuana to treat epilepsy (including parents who administer it to their children) find success in doing so. For the study; “Epilepsy Action Australia conducted an Australian …

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