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What Are the Best Ways to Consume Marijuana Without Smoking?

What are the best ways to consume marijuana without smoking it? All types of people use marijuana; all ages, races and social classes. Not everyone likes actually smoking it, however, or some people simply can’t do so depending on their condition. Because of this alternative forms of consuming cannabis have gained widespread popularity in recent …

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What’s Your Favorite Way to Consume Marijuana? [Poll]

Everyone has their favorite way to consume marijuana; what is yours? From the traditional pipe, to the more recently popular dabs from an oil rig; there’s a lot of ways to consume cannabis. And, like many other things in this world, everyone has their favorite; and some feel so strongly about their favorite they will …

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Study: THC/CBD in Cannabis Brownies Remain Stable at Least 3 Months at Room Temperature


A new study published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology, and published online by the National Institute of Health, gives us the clearest answer to date on how long cannabis edibles stay actives after they’ve been made. “Presented is a method for the preparation and application of THC and CBD containing brownies used as quality …

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Michigan House of Representatives Votes to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries and Edibles

Yesterday Michigan’s House of Representatives approved two proposals to improve upon the state’s medical cannabis law. The first of the two proposals, House Bill 4271, would legalize medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state, allowing localities to decide if they want to prohibit them within city boundaries. This measure was approved 95 to 14. The House …

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Michigan Lawmakers Unanimously Approve Proposal to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Michigan’s House Judiciary Committee has unanimously approved a proposal to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries, as well as medical cannabis edibles; it not heads to the full House for consideration, before going to the Senate. Under the measure – House Bill 4271 – localities would be allowed to choose whether or not they want medical cannabis …

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New Jersey Lawmakers Approve Measure Improving State’s Medical Cannabis Program

With an overwhelming 70 to 1 vote, New Jersey’s full Assembly has approved a proposal to legalize cannabis infused food products for patients, as well as increase the variety of strains allowed in dispensaries. The measure has already been approved by the Senate, and now heads to the governor for final approval. Originally the proposal, …

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