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Georgia Homeowner Killed in Fruitless Drug Raid

By Phillip Smith, StoptheDrugWar.org A Georgia SWAT team shot and killed an armed homeowner during a September 24 drug raid sparked by the word of a self-confessed meth addict and burglar who had robbed the property the previous day.¬† No drugs were found. David Hooks, 59, becomes the 34th person to die in US domestic …

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Innocent Grandma Shot While Trying to Protect Grandchild During Botched Drug Raid

A New Hampshire grandma,¬†Lilian Alonzo, was shot last month during a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) drug raid in which no drugs, or anything else illegal, was found. The DEA was on a search for distributors of illegal painkillers, and received a tip from an informant that they witnessed $50,000 in cash sitting on Alonzo’s table. …

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