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Poll: New Hampshire Voters Strongly Support Decriminalizing Drug Possession

By Drug Policy Alliance Majorities of Republicans, Democrats and Independents Oppose Arresting People for Simple Possession of Any Drug, Want Health Insurers to Provide Treatment and Support Eliminating Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Non-Violent Drug Offenders CONCORD, NH — A substantial majority of New Hampshire presidential primary voters support decriminalizing drug possession, according to a new poll …

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Activists and Lawmakers March Forth With WA Bill to Defelonize Personal Drug Possession

A proposal to remove felony charges for the personal possession of any controlled substance will be prefiled in the House of Representatives this December in Washington State, and will have at least a dozen sponsors according to Sensible Washington, the organization behind the measure. Under current Washington State law, the possession of any controlled substance, …

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Washington Proposal to Defelonize Drug Possession Receives Public Hearing Date

A proposal to defelonize the personal possession of illegal substances in Washington State has officially received a hearing date in its first assigned committee, the House Public Safety Committee. The hearing will take place next Tuesday, January 14th. Under the proposed law – House Bill 2116 – the possession of an illegal substance, when there’s no intent to …

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