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President Trump Names New Drug Czar

The White House announced Friday that President Trump has chosen a new person to fill the position of head of the Office of National Drug Policy Control (ONDCP), often referred to as the “drug czar”. The White House announced that President Trump will nominate Representative Tom Marino (R-PA), 65, to serve as the nation’s new …

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Trump Administration May Eliminate Office of National Drug Control Policy/Drug Czar Position

The Trump Administration may eliminate the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), which is headed by the nation’s “Drug Czar”. According to the New York Times, the White House budget office has drafted a hit list of programs that President Trump could eliminate to trim domestic spending. The Times states that, “Mr. Trump has …

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Why Chris Christie Being Trump’s Drug Czar Doesn’t Really Matter

chris christie drug czar

Recent media reports indicate that President Donald Trump is considering New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the next U.S. Drug Czar. Here’s why that doesn’t really matter. According to reports, Donald Trump recently had lunch with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and is potentially considering him to become the nation’s Drug Czar, which is the …

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