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Members of Congress Call for Cutting DEA Funding to Increase Funding for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Prevention

A coalition of 12 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, led by Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA), has written a letter to House leadership calling for the passage of a provision in an upcoming spending bill that would remove at least half of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) funding for their failed Cannabis Eradication Program. …

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Cannabis Use Reduces Risk of Domestic Violence in Married Couples, Finds Study

A new study published by the National Institute of Health has found that cannabis use reduces the risk of domestic violence in both men and women, with the risk being lowest when both partners are consumers of the plant. “Research on the association between marijuana use and intimate partner violence (IPV) has generated inconsistent findings, …

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U.S. Government Funding $1.86 Million Study in Attempt to Link Cannabis to Domestic Violence

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is funding a nearly $2 million study in an attempt to find a link between cannabis consumption, and domestic violence: We have little doubt that it’s going to backfire, and conclude that cannabis reduces violence among partners. For the study, the National Institute on Drug AbuseĀ (NIDA) is granting the …

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