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Delaware Marijuana Possession Laws

Delaware Marijuana Possession Laws:   1 ounce or less: Penalty: None   1 ounce to 175 grams: Penalty: Misdemeanor with up to 3 months in jail and a maximum fine of $575.   175 grams to 1,500 grams: Penalty: Felony with up to 3 years in prison.   1,500 grams to 3,000 grams: Penalty: Felony with …

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Cannabis Possession Now Decriminalized in Delaware

The possession of up to an ounce of cannabis is no longer a criminal offense for those 21 and older in Delaware, thanks to House Bill 39 officially taking effect at 12:00am EST on Friday, December 18th. The new law makes it so that those 21 and older caught possessing up to an ounce of …

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