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Chris Christie: ‘I’m Not Opposed to Medical Marijuana’

During the September 16th CNN republican presidential debate, the issue of cannabis law reform came up, which host Jake Tapper called “one of the hottest questions” received by CNN from viewers. Senator Rand Paul began the debate on the subject by stating, “What the American people don’t like about politics is the hypocrisy”, pointing to …

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Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Says She Would Support State and Local Cannabis Laws

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, who’s leading in national Democratic polls, says she would support states and localities that legalize medical and recreational cannabis. When asked by CNN’s Dan Merica if she would legalize cannabis as president, Clinton said she supports “states and localities that are experimenting with this.”

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Growing Majority of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

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By Paul Armentano, Deputy Director, NORML  Fifty-five percent of Americans favor making cannabis legal for adults, according to the findings of a CNN/ORC International survey released late Monday. The percentage is the highest ever reported by the survey, which has been tracking public opinion on the issue since 1973, and marks a 12 percentage point jump in support …

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