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Governor Chris Christie Calls Marijuana Tax Revenue ‘Blood Money’

By Monterey Bud, Marijuana.com Like some mythically drug-induced flashback, Gov. Chris Christie is apparently still mired in his trippy alternative reality. During his Monday night radio show – where he’s allowed to write his fictional narrative – Christie professed to be “damn” proud to be the last man standing in defense of the Garden State, according …

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Petition: Tell Chris Christie to Sign Bill Adding PTSD as Medical Cannabis Condition

On August 1st New Jersey’s full legislature gave approval to Assembly Bill 457 which would add post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a qualifying medical cannabis condition. The vote in the Senate was 29 to 9; the vote in the Assembly was 56 to 13. Now, the measure sits on the desk of Governor Chris Christie, who …

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Chris Christie: ‘I’m Not Opposed to Medical Marijuana’

During the September 16th CNN republican presidential debate, the issue of cannabis law reform came up, which host Jake Tapper called “one of the hottest questions” received by CNN from viewers. Senator Rand Paul began the debate on the subject by stating, “What the American people don’t like about politics is the hypocrisy”, pointing to …

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