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Chile: Medical Cannabis Now Being Sold in Pharmacies

By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director Medical cannabis products are now available to patients with a physician’s authorization at certain Chilean pharmacies. The nation legalized the use and distribution of medical cannabis in 2015, and just recently began importing medicinal cannabis products from the Canadian provider Tilray. (Chileans are not permitted under the law to …

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Chile’s President Signs Decree Removing Cannabis as a ‘Hard Drug’, Legalizing Medical Cannabis Sales

Chile President Michelle Bachelet has signed a decree officially and immediately removing cannabis from the nation’s list of hard drugs, which includes substances such as heroin and cocaine. The decree also legalizes the distribution of cannabis-based medicines, such as tablets and tinctures, to be sold at pharmacies.

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Chile to Allow Distribution of Medical Cannabis through Pharmacies

Chile’s Vice Minister of Health Jamie Burrows has announced that the nation will soon modify its laws to explicitly allow for the sale of medical cannabis through pharmacies. The new law, according to Burrows, will allow those who receive a prescription for cannabis from a physician to purchase the medicine through authorized pharmacies which would …

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