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Vermont House Committee Approves Bill to Legalize Cannabis Possession, Home Cultivation

The Vermont House Ways and Means Committee approved Senate Bill 241 today with a 6 to 3 vote after amending it to allow adults in Vermont to possess small amounts of cannabis, as well as grow it for personal use. The bill – which was approved by the Senate in February as a full legalization …

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Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Bill to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

In a decisive 4 to 1 vote, the Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill today that would end cannabis prohibition in the state and regulate the plant for adult personal use. Senate Bill 241 would make it legal for adults 21 years of age and older to possess up to one ounce of cannabis …

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New Poll Finds 57% of Vermont Voters Support Legalizing Cannabis for Recreational Purposes

A new poll conducted by the Castleton Polling Institute has found that a strong majority of voters in Vermont favor the legalization of recreational cannabis for adults. According to results of the survey, 57.2% of Vermont voters support legalizing cannabis, with just 34.3% opposed; the remaining 8.5% are currently undecided. “People are fed up with …

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