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Top 10 Studies Released in 2016 that Exemplify Cannabis’ Medical Diversity

In recent years there has been a vast amount of research released that exemplifies cannabis’ diverse medical value, and 2016 – despite being far from over – has been no different. Below is a list featuring 10 of the top studies released this year that demonstrate this diversity:   THC Stimulates Toxic Plaque Removal in …

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Study: Cannabinoids Can Inhibit Growth of Carcinoma Cancer Cells, Program them to Die

A new study published by the U.S. National Institute of Health has found that cannabinoids can inhibit the growth of carcinoma cancer cells, and can essentially program currently active cancer cells to die. For the study, researchers at Guangzhou Medical University in China examined the effects of a synthetic cannabinoid (WIN55, 212-2) on “the proliferation, …

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