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TheJointBlog.com’s Weekly Cannabis Podcast – September 27th, 2015

Welcome to TheJointBlog.com’s Weekly Cannabis Podcast, airing every Sunday evening! Today’s episode features a look at the top cannabis news stories from the past week, a look at Oregon’s new cannabis law that takes effect on October 1st, and an interview with Carrie Roberts, a speaker for Law Enforcement Against prohibition who previously served as …

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TheJointBlog.com’s Weekly Podcast – September 20th, 2015

Welcome to TheJointBlog.com’s weekly podcast, airing every Sunday at 4PM PST! Today’s episode features a breakdown of the top cannabis stories from the past week, a look at cannabis law reform in the presidential election, and an interview with Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager for the organization United for Care, which is working to place a …

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