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This is How You Create Strong Marijuana Plants

By Robert Bergman, ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com All cannabis plants start as seeds, and they all require water to germinate properly. Each seed contains a full, little plant that has a root, stem, and a couple of leaves. There are also enough nutrients in the seed for it to survive the first portion of its life. During germination, …

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How To Control Bacteria And Fungus On Your Marijuana Plants

By Robert Bergman, ILoveGrowingMarijuana.Com Ampelomyces Quisqualis These are naturally occurring hyperparasites of powdery mildew. They form colonies on the infection, reducing growth and may eventually kill powdery mildew on cannabis leaves. Rain perpetuates the life cycle of this beneficial fungus. A formulated powder is available under the brand name AQ-10. Bacillus Pumilus Bacillus Pumilus is a …

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Italian Sheep Angered When Police Confiscate Cannabis Plants

Apparently sheep like cannabis too. During a recent raid on a small farm in L’Aquila, Italy, police were suprised to find that their removal of cannabis plants riled up a herd of sheep which were grazing on the land. The sheep had grown accustomed to munching on the cannabis plants, and became “agitated” and “aggressive” …

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