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Marijuana Deliveries Now Legal in Oregon

It is now legal in Oregon for certain cannabis retail outlets to delivery to customer’s homes. Thanks to rule changes made last year, which recently took effect, cannabis deliveries are now legal among cannabis retail outlets who have received a delivery permit from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. The commission has thus far granted 117 …

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Portland Council Votes Unanimously to Allow Cannabis Delivery Services

The Portland, Oregon City Council voted yesterday to allow cannabis delivery services (“marijuana couriers”) and other “micro” cannabis business types. The move, which was approved unanimously, is designed to ease the financial and regulatory burden imposed by those trying to get involved in the new industry. “Since the state regulations keep changing and the industry …

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NY Expanding Medical Cannabis Program: Nurses to Recommend, Dispensaries to Deliver

New York’s Health Department has announced that the state’s medical cannabis program will soon be expanded to allow nurses to recommend the medicine, and to allow dispensaries to deliver it. Under current law only physicians can recommend medical cannabis to patients, but only around 600 of roughly 80,000 physicians in the state have begun recommending the …

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