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Marijuana Arrests Down 99.2% This Year in Washington D.C. Compared to Last Year

By Johnny Green, TheWeedBlog.com It wasn’t that long ago that thousands of people were arrested for marijuana annually in Washington D.C.. 2,346 people were arrested for marijuana in Washington D.C. in 2011. Washington D.C. voters approved marijuana legalization during the 2014 Election. As a result, marijuana arrests in D.C. are down. Way down. As of …

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New Video Shows Consequences of Cannabis Possession Arrests in New York City

By Drug Policy Alliance Last night, BuzzFeed released a gripping video [which can be found below] about one New Yorker’s harrowing experience of being arrested for marijuana possession.  A Marijuana Arrest tells the story of former Manhattan Public School art teacher Alberto Willmore, who recounts how his life was upended after NYPD officers aggressively seized …

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New FBI Report: Over 1,500,000 Arrested for Drugs in 2012

The FBI has released their latest Uniformed Crime Report which has found that there were 1,552,432 arrests in 2012 for drug-related offenses, with 82% of those being for simple possession; with a majority of those being for cannabis. In total, the report found that over 12,000,000 people were arrested in the United States in 2012. …

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