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Canada Marijuana Stocks Jump 12% in One Day, Now at All-Time High

After a large single-day jump, the Canadian Marijuana Stock Index is now the highest it’s ever been. Recently we reported that the Canada Marijuana Index rose over 20% in less than three weeks; from 261.74 on March 21, to 319.90 last Friday. At the close of today’s market, the index had one of its largest …

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Canadian Marijuana Stocks Rise Over 20% in Less than 3 Weeks

Canadian marijuana stocks are on the rise. Following anger with the government’s lack of speed in implementing marijuana legalization, the Canada Marijuana Index hit a three-month low on March 21 at 261.74, slightly higher than the previous low of 258.47 on December 21. However, since March 21, the market has seen a steady increase, including …

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Canada Marijuana Stocks Rise Almost 10% Following Report Marijuana Will be Legal by July 1, 2018

Canada marijuana stocks had a significant increase following a report that cannabis will be legal by July of next year. The Canada Marijuana Index was at 270.68 on March 25th, the day before the report that the country’s legal marijuana industry is expected to get underway next year. At the closing of today’s market, a …

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