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Study: Regular Marijuana Use Associated with Lower Body Mass Index (BMI)


By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director Those who consume marijuana more than five times per month possess, on average, a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who don’t use the substance. This is according to data published online ahead of print in the journal Archives of Osteoporosis. Researchers at Oregon’s Health and Science University …

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Study: Cannabis Users Less Likely To Be Obese, Possess Lower Diabetes Risk

By Paul Armentano, NORML A history of cannabis use is associated with a lower likelihood of obesity and diabetes, according to population-based data published in the journal Obesity. Investigators from the Conference of Quebec University Health Centers assessed cannabis use patterns and body mass index (BMI) in a cohort of 786 Inuit (Arctic aboriginal) adults …

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New Study Finds Cannabis Use Associated With Lower Body Mass Index, Lower Insulin Resistance

A new study published in the journal Obesity, and published online by the National Institute of Health, has found that cannabis use is associated with a lower body mass index (BMI), which results in lower insulin resistance. For the study, researchers set out to “ascertain the relationship between cannabis use, obesity, and insulin resistance” by …

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Cannabis Consumers Are Skinnier: An Infograph

Below is an infrographic which uses data from a study published earlier this year by the American Journal of Medicine. The study was conducted by scientists from Harvard, the University of Nebraska and the Beth Israel Medical Center. The study found that those who consume cannabis have better insulin levels and a lower BMI (body mass …

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