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Arkansas Legislature Unanimously Passes Marijuana Rescheduling Bill

Legislation to allow the Arkansas Department of Health to reschedule marijuana once there’s a change in federal law has passed the state’s full legislature. House Bill 1402, which has no immediate impact on Arkansas marijuana laws, was passed by the Senate with unanimous 31 to 0 vote. The vote in the House of Representatives was …

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Arkansas Marijuana Possession Laws

Arkansas Marijuana Possession Laws:   Less than 4 oz (first offense) Misdemeanor Incarceration: 1 year or less Fine: $2,500 1 – less than 4 oz (subsequent offense) Felony Incarceration: 6 years or less Fine: $10,000 4 oz – less than 10 lbs Felony Incarceration: 6 years or less Fine: $10,000 10 – less than 25 …

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