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Arizona Supreme Court Rules Lawmakers Can’t Ban Medical Cannabis Access on College Campuses

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that state lawmakers cannot prohibit the access of medical cannabis on college campuses. In the case of Arizona v Maestas (No. CR-17-0193-PR), the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an appellate court decision which struck down a 2012 law that prohibited medical cannabis access on college campuses. The ruling sets immediate …

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Arizona Supreme Court Rules Cannabis Legalization Initiative Will Be On November Ballot

The Arizona Supreme Court has put the final nail in the coffin (to state a cliche) of those trying to prevent a cannabis legalization initiative (Proposition 205) from being voting on this November. The highest court rejected a lawsuit by Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy calling on the initiative to be removed from the November …

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Arizona Supreme Court Rules Medical Cannabis Allowed While on Probation


The Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday issued two rulings prohibiting courts and prosecutors from denying medical cannabis use as a term of probation, provided that the individual has a valid medical cannabis card. In one case, a man was convicted of possessing cannabis with the intent to sell, and was banned from using cannabis by …

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Zero Tolerance Driving Policy for Cannabis Struck Down by Arizona Supreme Court

By Associated Press Authorities can’t prosecute Arizona motorists for driving under the influence of marijuana unless the person is impaired at the time of the stop, the state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in the latest opinion on an issue that several states have grappled with across the nation. The ruling overturned a state Court of …

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U.S. Supreme Court: Arizona Police Must Return Cannabis to California Patient

In a ruling handed down without comment, the United States Supreme Court has refused to overturn prior court rulings stating that the Yuma County Sheriff must return cannabis that was seized from a California patient. Arizona’s medical cannabis law is one of the only in the country that legally recognizes patients from other states. The …

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