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Arizona Supreme Court Rules Lawmakers Can’t Ban Medical Cannabis Access on College Campuses

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that state lawmakers cannot prohibit the access of medical cannabis on college campuses. In the case of Arizona v Maestas (No. CR-17-0193-PR), the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an appellate court decision which struck down a 2012 law that prohibited medical cannabis access on college campuses. The ruling sets immediate …

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Court Rules California Medical Marijuana Recommendation Valid in Arizona

Californians who have a valid medical marijuana recommendation can use it to receive legal protections under Arizona state law, a court of  appeals has ruled. A three-judge Arizona Court of Appeals has ruled that a man’s medical marijuana recommendation obtained from a California physician provides him with the same legal immunity as those who have …

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Arizona Court Overturns Law Making it Illegal to Use Medical Cannabis on College Campuses

An Arizona court has overturned a law making it illegal to use medical cannabis on college campuses. According to the Associated Press, an appellate court ruled Thursday that lawmakers can’t make it illegal to use medical cannabis on Arizona college campuses. The court did rule, however, that colleges have the right to prohibit it themselves; …

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