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Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee Votes to Approve Marijuana Decrim Bill

In a surprising move Alabama’s Senate Judiciary Committee has voted to approve a bill to decriminalize certain marijuana possession offenses. The committee has voted 6 to 4 to pass Senate Bill 251, which was filed by Senator Dick Brewbaker. The proposal would “create the crime of possession of marijuana in the third degree for possession of one ounce …

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Marijauna Decrim Bill Filed in Alabama Senate

Legislation that would significantly alter Alabama’s marijuana laws has been filed in the state’s Senate. Senate Bill 251 was filed this week by Senator Dick Brewbaker. Under current law, the possession of any amount of marijuana for personal use is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail. This bill “would also create the crime of possession …

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Legislation to Legalize Medical Cannabis Filed in Alabama

A proposal to legalize cannabis for patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions has been filed in Alabama’s Senate, with a companion bill to be filed soon in the state’s House of Representatives. The Alabama Medical Marijuana Patient Safe Access Act (Senate Bill 326), filed by Senator Bobby Singleton, would allow qualified patients to …

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