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Weed Documentaries Worth Watching

Weed Documentaries Worth Watching Despite what the anti-marijuana crowd will tell you, Reefer Madness – the late 1930s film about a group of high school kids who smoke pot then dive into a life of hit and runs, manslaughter, rape and, as the title suggests, complete and utter madness – isn’t a documentary on cannabis. …

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Jenn Keeler is a regular contributor for WikiLeaf.com and has been published by a number of other outlets.

Best Stoner Movies And Marijuana Documentaries

 By Robert Bergman, ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com It is common knowledge that, after smoking marijuana, one of the best things to do is enjoy a good movie. Of course, not all movies will do the trick — it should be one of the right kind of stoner movies. If you choose one of the best stoner movies, you …

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Anthony, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheJointBlog, has worked closely with numerous elected officials who support cannabis law reform, including as the former Campaign Manager for Washington State Representative Dave Upthegrove. He has also been published by multiple media outlets, including the Seattle Times. He can be reached at TheJointBlog@TheJointBlog.com.