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Breaking Down the 2014 Election, and What it Means for the Future of Cannabis Law Reform

It’s officially the day after the 2014 election, and although there were some tough defeats – namely Florida – the overall results were a huge victory for the cannabis reform movement, with two more states, plus the U.S. Capitol, legalizing cannabis. In Oregon, voters gave approval to Measure 91, a proposal which will legalize the …

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Just Three Days Until 2014 Election

In just three days, on Tuesday, November 4th, the 2014 general election will be upon us. In this election, numerous states and localities will be voting on initiatives to reform their cannabis policies. Polling shows that most of these measures are incredibly close, further emphasizing the need for cannabis advocates to VOTE! Here’s a brief …

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Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C. to Vote on Cannabis Legalization in Just 10 Days

In just 10 days, on November 4th, the 2014 general election will be upon us, and Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C. – along with a couple of cities – will be voting on the legalization of recreational cannabis, only two years after Washington and Colorado did the same. In Oregon, Measure 91 has consistently maintained …

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