Survey: Majority of Healthcare Professionals Would Advise Using Cannabis for Epilepsy

A survey conducted by the journal Epilepsia has found that a large thumbs upmajority of healthcare professionals support the use of cannabis for those with epilepsy, and believe there’s sufficient data to label it as a safe and efficient medicine.

According to the study of 776 individuals (58% being patients from North America, and 22% being epileptologists and general neurologists from Europe and North American);  “nearly all patients and the public said there were sufficient safety (96%) and efficacy (95%) data, and 98% would recommend medical marijuana in cases of severe epilepsy.”

“General physicians, basic researchers, nurses, and allied health professions” sided with patients, saying that “there were sufficient safety (70%) and efficacy (71%) data, and 83% would advise using marijuana in severe cases. A majority (78%) said there should be pharmacologic grade compounds containing CBD, and there were no differences between specialists, general medical personal, and patients and the public.”

Although support for using cannabis in the treatment of epilepsy is high in the above-mentioned groups, epileptologists and general neurologists are not as convinced; according to the study, “a minority of epileptologists and general neurologists said that there were sufficient safety (34%) and efficacy (28%) data, and 48% would advise using medical marijuana in severe cases of epilepsy”.

The survey can be found by clicking here.


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