Survey: 75% of NFL Players Believe Cannabis Isn’t More Dangerous Than Alcohol

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Survey: 75% of NFL Players Believe Cannabis Isn’t More Dangerous Than Alcohol

A new survey released by’s NFL Nation has found that 75% of players in the National Football Leagueespm believe that cannabis is no more dangerous than alcohol.

The poll asked the question as such; “Do you agree with President Obama that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol?”

Of the 100-plus players surveyed, 82 answered the question, and of those, 75% answered “Yes”.

“In siding with Obama on the marijuana issue, the NFL players surveyed are essentially saying they believe the punishment does not fit the crime”, says ESPN’s Rob Demovsky. “That’s perhaps even more understandable in places such as Denver and Seattle, as the two teams that played in the last Super Bowl are located in states where recreational marijuana is legal in certain amounts.”

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In January, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that he’s open to allowing players the ability to use medical cannabis, but announced no specific course of action to change the league’s current policy which prohibits the plant for any use.


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  • Faye
    August 28, 2014

    I’m 72, don’t care about smoking pot, but if others wish to that’s their choice; after all, I enjoy a glass of wine. I take hemp oil every day for good health and want the opportunity to take cannabis sativa oil for optimal health. It took a inner ear virus three years ago leaving me with dizziness and balance issues to start me researching. I am a believer and supporter; just do your own researching….

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