Support Bill 1632 to Legalize Cannabis in Massachusetts

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Support Bill 1632 to Legalize Cannabis in Massachusetts

House Bill 1632 would legalize cannabis in Massachusetts.

Bill 1632 would legalize cannabis in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is known for being considerably lenient on cannabis, at least compared to the majority of the country. In 2009 voters approved a measure decriminalizing cannabis possession, making it just a small fine, and just last year,  residents voted to approve cannabis as a legal medicine in the state.

Now, lawmakers are attempting to make the substance legal for all adults, 21 and older. Their vehicle is House Bill 1632, which has been referred to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.

The bill has yet to receive a committee hearing, but it’s not too late. However, constituents should feel hurried to contact their legislators, and members of the committee, asking them to support this measure (you can look up your districts legislators here).

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Polling from 2011 shows that 58% in the state support legalizing and taxing cannabis.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what this measure would do:

  • Establishes the Cannabis Control Authority, which would consist of a 7 member board of directors. The board would oversee the regulations for the would-be legal cannabis retail outlets. The members will be appointed by the governor, speaker of the house and president of the senate.
  • Legalizes the possession of cannabis for personal use.
  • Legalizes the licensed cultivation of cannabis to be sold through licensed retail outlets.
  • Sets a tax rate that taxes cannabis at $10 per 1% THC content per ounce (we admit it’s odd). For example; an ounce of cannabis that contains 10% THC (not very potent bud), would be taxed at $100 an ounce.
  • Directs the Cannabis Control Authority to have regulations established within 90 days of being appointed.
  • Directs the Authority to conduct a continuous, public study that will be used to help revise the law appropriately.

The measure isn’t perfect, but it’s a big step in the right direction. Reform advocates, and state constituents, should be actively supporting it.

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  • John Tribell
    March 5, 2013

    ten dollars per 1% thc ???? I guess they plan on getting the stuff from Mexico…60 percent would 600 smackers just in tax..I guess they are just stupid

    • yankee2
      November 5, 2014

      The most concentrated pot I have EVER even heard of is about 30% THC.

  • yankee2
    November 5, 2014

    “Sets a tax rate that taxes cannabis at $10 per 1% THC content per ounce?” THAT IS AN EXORBITANT TAX! Ordinary pot, with a THC content of 20-25%, would require a $200-$250 tax! That’s outrageous! The fact of the matter is that stronger pot is safer pot. By punishing people who use stronger pot, the state would be encouraging people to smoke MORE pot to achieve the same effect. If marijuana tars are carcinogenic, this law would force users to expose themselves to more cancer. that’s an outrage, promulgated by the myth that stronger pot is more harmful. The OPPOSITE is the truth. If MA charges that ridiculous tax, this bill is USELESS, and we will continue to buy on the black market, and refuse to pay their fucking outrageous tax!

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