Study: THC Increases Survival Rates in People that Experience Traumatic Brain Injury

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Study: THC Increases Survival Rates in People that Experience Traumatic Brain Injury

The presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the system is associated with increased survival rates in those who experience traumatic brain injury (TBI), according to a new study published intbi the American Journal of Surgery.

“Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is associated with significant morbidity and mortality”, says Dr. Binh Minh Nguyen, the study’s lead author. “Several studies have demonstrated neuroprotective effects of cannabinoids. The objective of this study was to establish a relationship between the presence of a positive toxicology screen for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and mortality after TBI.”

After examining 446 individuals – 18.4% of which had THC in their system – it was found that the mortality rate for the THC positive group was just 2.4% (two deaths total), compared with 11.5% (forty two deaths total) in the THC negative group; a 479% decrease.

“After adjusting for differences between the study cohorts on logistic regression, a THC(+) screen was independently associated with survival after TBI”, says Dr. Nguyen, the study’s lead author.

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Nguyen concludes; “A positive THC screen is associated with decreased mortality in adult patients sustaining TBI.”

The study can be found by clicking here.



  • Robert Demichelis II is
    October 1, 2014

    The same was said of alcohol. Tho those with bac level had worse injury outcomes.

  • Timothy Snith
    December 25, 2014

    The same said of alcohol? With trauma comes bleeding alcohol is a blood thinner as a hemoragic stroke survivor I believe cannibus may have saved my life’ if in had been drinking onstead of smoking I would be dead ‘ this I feel wityj all my heart’

    • Kevin
      December 31, 2014

      I sure HOPE you’re doing better! The Neuro-regeneration compounds in marijuana found over the past couple years is overwhelming! It ASTOUNDS me that our “politicians” stand in the way of and even oppose research on this plant. We all know WHY they oppose it… FOLLOW THE MONEY! They’re running interference for BIG PHARMA b/c it’ll KILL their profits when people NO longer NEED Big Pharma to supply it to them. Congress is trying to figure out how to make you HAVE to get it from Big Pharma but yet it’s STILL illegal for you and I to GROW our POSSESS the RAW PLANT itself. The ONLY “wrench in the gears” for them is that public sentiment has changed faster than they WANTED it to. They’ve already granted a patent to GW Pharmaceuticals for THC/CBD’s as a treatment for Cancer. Which means… ??? YOU won’t have access to the plant material itself LEGALLY but, you can purchase it from GW pharmaceuticals in PILL form! FOLLOW THE MONEY!

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