Study Shows Marijuana Consumers Don’t Weigh More than Non-Consumers

Study Shows Marijuana Consumers Don’t Weigh More than Non-Consumers

A new study published in Diabetes Care, a journal of the American Diabetes Association, has found that cannabis consumers don’t weigh more than non-consumers, and don’t intake more calories – though they do 111intake slightly more carbohydrates. The study, which found that consumers had slightly lower levels of a specific type of cholesterol, concluded that total body fat was not significantly different between those who do, or don’t consume cannabis.

According to the report, cannabis consumers had “lower percentages of total and subcutaneous abdominal fat.”

These findings clearly combat decades of propaganda that indicates consuming cannabis makes you fat, and unable to control your food intake.


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  • Sharon Day
    April 3, 2013

    my husband a diabetic for 16 years he was taking 6 meds and was testing glucose levels of over 300 which 70 to 140 being normal..His Doctor a Veteran Dr. I might add told him he had 2 choices he could go on insulin or give mmj a try. Today 1 1/2 years later he takes no meds he does ingest 2 canna caps before bed and takes a few hits throughout the day his glucose is between the 80’s and 90’s and once in awhile around 120 but never over. SO maybe they need to go back to the lab and study the fact that cannabis can eradicate diabetics not to mention obesity as he last 55 lbs and I have lost 65 lbs from ingesting cannabis. …Sharon Day

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