Study: Medical Cannabis Laws Associated with Reduced Obesity-Related Medical Costs

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Study: Medical Cannabis Laws Associated with Reduced Obesity-Related Medical Costs

joint-120110The enactment of laws allowing the medical use of cannabis is associated with a decreased probability of obesity among the population, resulting in a $58 to $115 per-person annual decrease in obesity-related medical costs, according to a study published in the journal Health Economics.

“This study is the first to examine the effects of medical marijuana laws (MMLs) on body weight, physical wellness, and exercise”, researchers state. Using data from the 1990 to 2012 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and a difference-in-difference approach, it was found that “the enforcement of MMLs is associated with a 2% to 6% decline in the probability of obesity.”

For older individuals, “MML [medical marijuana laws]-induced increases in physical mobility may be a relatively important channel”, while for younger individuals, “a reduction in consumption of alcohol, a substitute for marijuana, appears more important.”

Researchers conclude; “These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that MMLs may be more likely to induce marijuana use for health-related reasons among older individuals, and cause substitution toward lower-calorie recreational ‘highs’ among younger individuals. Our estimates suggest that MMLs induce a $58 to $115 per-person annual reduction in obesity-related medical costs.”

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The full study, conducted by researchers at Cornell University and San Diego State University, can be found by clicking here.



  • Trent
    December 6, 2015

    I created my EZJ system after kickin medicine and alcohol I saved my life with cannabis I lost 130 lbs and life is great. No pills perfect health.

  • Rob
    December 10, 2015

    I actually lost a bit of weight smoking medical. That’s a good study

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