Study: Heart Attack Patients with History of Cannabis Use Less Likely to Die During Hospitalization

cannabiscuresnauseaThose with a history of cannabis use who suffer from a heart attack are less likely to die during hospitalization, according to a new study presented this month at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology (which took place April 3 in Chicago).

For the study, researchers took hospitalization results of 3,800 heart-attack patients who said that they’ve used cannabis in the past, and compared them to over a million similarly matched patients who didn’t have a history of cannabis use.

Researchers at the University of Colorado found that patients who had consumed cannabis had a significantly lower mortality rate during hospitalization, and were also at lower risk for shock and the use of an IABP (intra-aortic baloon pump).

Researchers say that they’re uncertain why exactly cannabis improves mortality rates in heart attack patients.

4 thoughts on “Study: Heart Attack Patients with History of Cannabis Use Less Likely to Die During Hospitalization”

  1. I also suffered 3 heart attacks and have long list illiness and they gave Me 3 pages of meds and I’m down to 4 pills and my oil. Cannabis is great for Us. Wake up America. PPP CCC VTLM

  2. I saved myself with cannabis oil when they told me there was no cure for Me and I have to use man made medicine. I refused cause in 2016 I was shutting down because of a man made medicine. I refused and used cannabis oil and cured myself. The doctors here are so amazed. PPP CCC VTLM

  3. Awesome news, current heart disease pt., and have heart attact , so happy that the medical world is finally doing more studies, this news is so uplifting


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