Study: Health of a Child Unaffected by Living in a Cannabis Grow Operation

A new study conducted by the School of Social Work at the University of British Columbia has found that “there was no significant differen284409774_640ce between the health of the children living in cannabis grow operations and the comparison group of children”.

The study was initially published by the International Journal of Drug Policy. It’s also been published to the US National Library of Medicine.

Here’s the method that was used:

The study examined the household, family and individual characteristics of 181 children found living in cannabis grow operations in two regions in British Columbia, Canada. Data was collected on-site on the physical characteristics of the homes, the health characteristics of the children, and their prescription drug history. Comparison of prescription drug use was also made with a group of children from the same geographic areas.

The results:

This study found that there was no significant difference between the health of the children living in cannabis grow operations and the comparison group of children, based on their prescription history and their reported health at the time.

The study concludes with the following statement:

The findings of this study challenge contemporary child welfare approaches and have implications for both child protection social workers and the policymakers who develop frameworks for practice.

Cannabis prohibition removes children from their parents, which is tragic and unacceptable. The results of this study is yet another clear indication that we need to move above the propaganda, and legalize cannabis for adults, including legalized home-growing.

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  2. We all know the prohibition of cannabis is far more dangerous than cannabis itself. We must stop letting them oppress all who use or do not oppose cannabis from speaking out. People must stop being in fear they will be singled out or prosecuted for supporting cannabis legalization. Join, and help us end this needless war once and for all.

  3. Yes! A concern worth looking into! I was arrested for growing a small amount, The police and narcotic team made up of three countys got egg on thier face:) They pulled up my driveway with about twenty vehicles, marked, unmarked and old. I had both my children home with me when my youngest said there was a bunch of cars coming up the driveway,, They violently broke my door down and held a gun to my head as if I was an AMW murdere or terrible drug cartel, aressted me, took my children to a foster care ,lied to thier grandparents that they tried to call them, tore up my beautiful home, took all our computers and cars,then after all that kept the cars for three years,Froze all my accounts, that was just the tip of it! yes.. for only twenty plants for self consumption, I was in the midst of getting my mmj license,( The judge handed me a fine and an ankle bracelet for two weeks.) my children remember it like yesterday, .. The Detective had not done his detective work( Roy Alloway), That was the worst thing was them taking my children, Even CPS told me that it was gone about the wrong way and they had no reason for them to even be there. But yet they dont take the children that are being abused by alcoholic parents or gaurdians and child molestation, they ignore!! Hurts my heart

  4. Isn’t it ridiculous that the studies always are about 50 years behind the times. Of course, everyone who grew marijuana for the past 50 years knows that their children were either unaffected or benefitted by living within a peaceful and honest home where the truth was encouraged rather than propaganda that suits the monied segment of this very sad and lost world. The children learned that the governments of the world in reality serve nothing but the powerful. They are probably the most well-informed children on the planet and, owing to their parents being partakers of marijuana, they were exposed to love and calmness and objective parenting, since all those who really know anything about marijuana, understand that it raises one’s consciousness which means one is a better parent, a more truthful citizen and certainly a more evolved person – which is why the ignorance of the mainstream is so against this plant in the first place.


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