Study Finds Cannabis May Treat Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Liver Cancer)

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Study Finds Cannabis May Treat Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Liver Cancer)

purplecannabisHepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common form of liver cancer, is the leading cause of cancer-associated mortality worldwide. Despite this, only limited therapeutic treatments are currently available. However, according to a new study published in the journal Molecular Medicine Report, cannabis may provide a treatment option for the disease.

“The present study aimed to investigate the effects of cannabinoids as novel therapeutic targets in HCC”, states the study’s abstract. Using synethtic cannabinoids on cell lines, researchers found that they inhibited the growth of HCC and led to cell cycle arrest.

“These results suggested that cannabinoid receptor agonists, including WIN, may be considered as novel therapeutics for the treatment of HCC”, researchers conclude.

The study was conducted by researchers at the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Medical Molecular Diagnostics, South China University of Technology and Guangzhou Medical University, Guangzhou. It can be found by clicking here.

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  • Darlene Edison
    October 28, 2015

    I have liver cancer stage four do you think it can help me ?

  • Anonymous
    July 11, 2016

    Well i have lost almost all my family to dif kinds of cancer and I will say it like I always do God is your first and only chose you need to beet the cancer it works 100% of the time. And for the cbd’s in weed you can’t much beat the treatment you get from that great med. I think in all that I know about it and how it works yes I would recommend you look in on getting help with the cbd oil treatment. cannabis is the best med for meany things. God bless you I pray for your battle you are going threw. And remember cannabis is not a drug.

  • Ed
    June 5, 2017

    I’m a believer. I will not go without CBD oil and even more important, have gotten my Mom on it and giving out bottles as birthday gifts. My Mom was on Hospice with lung and liver cancer in the Spring of 2013, not given much of a chance to live. She has been off of Hospice for 2 years now and continues to look and feel great. Unfortunately, she did not move much due to being so weak the first 6 months of her recovery and developed stenosis and some muscle atrophy. She had steroid shots and now has incorporated the CBD oil in her regime and feels a noticeable difference. She is walking between 5-10 thousand steps a day, not bad for someone who wasn’t supposed to survive the summer of 2013. I use it as well and the biggest thing I have found is improved sleep. I am sleeping close to 7 hours a night, which I haven’t done for 20 years.
    People think I cured my Mom since she had no chemo, radiation, or anything only diet and some basic supplements. I did not cure her, but people listen when I recommend things, especially women my Mom’s age. I am giving CBD oil my biggest recommendation. Thank you BioCBD water soluble products

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