Study Finds Cannabichromene, A Cannabis Compound, Helps Grow Brain Cells

A new study published in the journal Neurochemistry International, and published online by the National Institute of Health, has found that a compound in cannabis can help grow brain cells.cannabisplant

“We tested three compounds: cannabidiol, cannabigerol, and cannabichromene (CBC), and found that CBC has positive effect on the cell viability of mouse NSPCs [adult neural stem progenitor cells] during differentiation in vitro“, states the study’s researchers.

The study, which was conducted by the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry and funded by a GW Pharmaceuticals grant, is one of several studies which has found that cannabis can stimulate brain growth.

Researchers conclude that; “Taken together, our results suggest that CBC raises the viability of NSPCs while inhibiting their differentiation into astroglia, possibly through up-regulation of ATP and adenosine signalling.”

The study can be found by clicking here.


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