Study: Cannabis Provides Substantial Relief to Those With Back Problems

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Study: Cannabis Provides Substantial Relief to Those With Back Problems

Recent research out of the University of Colorado, which was presented recently at the North American Spine Society’s annual meetingbackpain, has found that nearly 90% of those with back problems who consume cannabis find either great, or moderate relief from their cannabis consumption, and 81% believe it helps them as much, or more than traditional painkillers.

For the study, researchers examined 184 patients at a Colorado spine center. According to Michael Finn, MD, a coauthor of the study, 19% reported using cannabis for pain relief. Of these people, slightly less than half – 46% – were qualified medical cannabis patients in the State of Colorado.

Of those who consumed cannabis, the vast majority – 90% –  reported consumption through inhalation. 45% either exclusively, or also consume cannabis orally (tinctures, edibles, etc.), and 29% stated that they vaporize.

According to these cannabis consumers, a total of 89% said that it greatly or moderately relives their back pain. 81% said it worked as well as, or better than narcotic painkillers.

Although more research is needed to confirm that cannabis can relieve pain in the back and spine, this study shows, quite clearly, that a vast majority of those who consume cannabis find at least some form of relief from their consumption.

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  • Sarah
    October 14, 2013

    It’s the only thing that helps my chronic lower back pain and allows me to participate in LIVING. Thank God for Cannabis <3.

  • bradley
    October 14, 2013

    My name is brad and i was in a drunk driving accident (wasn’t me driving) and I was ejected from the passenger window and hit by another car, and was pronounced dead for 36 minutes. my doctor saved my life, and i have sever back, chest, and neck pain, (keep in mind during the accident I lost my left lung, along with much more) and with lots of internal problems. I’ve had around 30 surgery’s or more for major trauma to the chest and head, my doctor was giving me so many painkillers i was completely retarded every day, id lay in bed and do nothing. one day my friend introduced me to pot, since then i threw those pills away and have been enjoying life to the fullest. doing anything i want without the burden of pain and aches that never went away, and without being a zombie as well as risk of being addicted, thank god i never was. and to this day i continue to smoke even with my lung missing witch i wouldn’t recommend, i just do it because it keeps me away from pain killers and death caused by liver failure. id much rather die because I’m enjoying an extreme sport and happy and care free because I’m feeling great and living life, have no anxiety, pain etc. rather than not even know what was going on because I’m so fried from taking oxys (they were prescribed). all i want to say despite everything above is i wish more people with stories like my and pain like mine would fight for the right to have medicinal marijuana, witch can help in a million different ways, not just pain, and stop looking at it like its a life ruining drug that junkies use to get a fix, (heroin, painkillers, crack, etc) it can help the world and people need to get that through their heads.

  • michelle molway
    October 14, 2013

    i wish some one can help me i been haveing proumbls with my lower back it been hurting lot when i stand long it hurts i dont have madicae at all i cant go see a drotor i been taking pain pill for it it still hurt i dont know what to do i need help my name is michelle molway i live in honey grove texas thank you help me some one

  • Renee Wilson
    October 15, 2013

    Thank you Colorado for legalizing marijuana! Maybe legalization will pave the way for more studies that prove the value of marijuana as a pain killer. It is definitely safer than the pills and patches that get pushed by doctors these days, all to the benefit of Big Pharma.

  • shawna
    October 15, 2013

    my husband hurt his back a couple of months ago and he felt better after smoking then he did with the pills the doc gave him.

  • Holli
    October 15, 2013

    I used herb from the time i was a little girl having granmal seizures on so many meds i just drooled on myself..not only did it help with the seizures as an adult in chronic pain it helped me keep pain and pain and pain at bay.Now my dr drug test me and doesnt allow me to eat smoke or use any herb products and it is hard taking poison pills and knowing with herb i could at least tolerate waking up in hell evdryday……..please please north carolina stop the war on the people that pay you and put you in office and allow us to decide what we put in our bodies…with pain meds and herb you actuallyget relief guess ill have to kill my liver by becoming an alcholic

  • Mark
    October 16, 2013

    This is overwhelmingly true in my case. After 5 years of mainstream medical falures, I was left with no hope or cure. Medical Cannabis has helped me to alleviate 13 known medical issues that I have. Who knows how many unknown benefits I’m getting. #abettterlifewithmmj

  • Tara
    October 21, 2013

    I completely agree – this can help so many people with so many different problems! Also, I’ve heard that in some cases, wearing a corset can really help with back pain!

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