Study: Cannabis Can Treat Pain Caused by Urinary Tract Infection

bladderA study published recently by the American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Urology, and published online by the National Institute of Health, has found CB1R (cannabinoid receptor type 1) activiation, which occurs naturally through the consumption of cannabis, can treat pain arising from cystitis (urinary tract infection).

For the study, researchers “investigated the capacity of… a cannabinoid-1 receptor (CB1R) agonist, to inhibit referred hyperalgesia and increased bladder contractility resulting from acute acrolein-induced cystitis in rats.”

They found, after conducting a series of tests, that the findings “suggest that pain arising from cystitis may be inhibited by activation of spinal CB1R”.

The full text of the study, conducted by researchers at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the University of Wisconsin Madison, can be found by clicking here.


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